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Urwins Undertakes Ltd
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Phone: 0121 3558111
Website: http://www.urwinsundertakersltd.com/

History of Urwins The first of Urwins funeral homes opened in November 2006 by Funeral Directors Marianne Doyle and Mark Inson, both dedicated to serving the public. Their aim was to give comfort to people in their time of need and offer guidance through their wealth of knowledge and experience in bereavement and funeral planning. In May 2009 Urwins lost one of its most valuable assets, In the early hours of 1st May Mark suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. This was not only a blow to the business but personally to Marianne and her two sons whom shared a home with Mark. The month of May was a very sad and uncertain time, Marianne, and Mark had worked long, sometimes unsociable hours to make the company work. They passionately believed they had a service to offer and was soul destroying to think that all Mark’s hard work was in vain. Through this difficult time The Urwins staff had taken the reins and were conducting the funerals and dealing with the day to day running of the business. Marianne found it very difficult to come to terms with losing Mark, but with support from her family and the Urwins staff she decided to carry on as Mark would have wanted, never one to give up. The business was once again back on its feet doing what it did best. Urwins has always used the phrase ‘Caring for Our Community’, and donates over three thousand Easter Eggs, and Christmas Mince Pies to local Churches and Care Homes, always try to help with charitable events where ever possible. All who work at Urwins live locally and so understand the needs of their clients with knowledge of local cemeteries, crematoriums, hospitals and churches. They also pride themselves on continuity and attention to detail.

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